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    • Possibilities of using 3D printing technology in production of aircraft components 

      Šajbanová, Kristína; Čerňan, Jozef; Janovec, Michal (University of Zilina, 2021)
      The article provides the reader with a brief overview of the technology of industrial 3D printing used in the manufacturing process of aerospace technology. It includes analyses of the position of 3D printing in the aerospace ...
    • Výroba ozubených kolies pomocou 3D tlače 

      Maláková, Silvia; Kepeň Harachová, Daniela; Sivák, Samuel (University of Žilina, 2023)
      Gear transmission can consist of gear wheels that are made of different materials and technologies. The manufacturing process of gear wheels depends mainly on the required properties and the choice of material. Less ...