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    • Weather influence on flight in mountain terrain 

      Galko, Róbert; Jarošová, Miriam (University of Zilina, 2021)
      The aim of the paper is to approach and get acquainted with meteorological elements that occur in mountain areas and how their occurrence affects the fluidity and safety of air traffic. The first part of the work was devoted ...
    • Wing magnetohydrodynamic facility of aircraft propulsion system 

      Miča, Pavol; Čerňan, Jozef (University of Zilina, 2021)
      Magnetohydrodynamics is one of the relatively new fields of physics studying the dynamics of magnetic fields in electrically conductive fluids. The implementation using magnetohydrodynamic principles applied to aircraft ...

      Badánik, Benedikt; Reménységová, Rebeka (Žilinská univerzita v Žiline, 2020)
      This paper focuses on the future roles of air navigation service providers (ANSP). It describes the future structure of airspace and recognizes the need for improvement. The traditional role of ANSP is explained in the ...