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  • Marketing v kocke 

    Šuteková, Henrieta (Katedra mediamatiky a kultúrneho dedičstva, Fakulta humanitných vied, Žilinská univerzita v Žiline, 2022)
    Predložená učebnica je určená najmä študentom študijného programu Mediamatika a kultúrne dedičstvo, ktorí sa majú v rámci jednosemestrálneho predmetu Marketing oboznámiť s elementárnou bázou poznatkov o riadení trhu a o ...
  • Technológ 4/2022 

    Unknown author (University of Zilina, 2022)
  • Práce a štúdie - celé vydanie č.12 

    Unknown author (University of Žilina, 2022)
  • Danger of icing when operating unmanned aerial vehicles 

    Ondrejková, Ivana; Kandera, Branislav (University of Žilina, 2022)
    The paper examines icing on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) during the flight. We chose the Mavic Pro and Mavic 2 Pro UAV by company DJI to carry out the research. Research flights are performed during the early morning ...
  • Use of transparent displays in aviation 

    Haladěj, Viktor; Rostáš, Ján (University of Žilina, 2022)
    The introductory part deals with the design and technologies used in HUD systems and their history of introduction into the aviation industry. Furthermore, the work deals with the implementation of transparent displays in ...
  • Airport operation disruptions 

    Beťková, Kristína; Kazda, Antonín (University of Žilina, 2022)
    Disruptive events have a very strong potential to create a problem, spreading onwards to different participants in the chain of air travel. To minimalize the negative effects, this paper focused on how an airport can deal ...
  • Influence of stress on the performance of pilots in training 

    Goldschmidt, Jakub; Kandera, Branislav (University of Žilina, 2022)
    This paper deals with the influence of stress that affects pilots in training, how stress affects their daily lives, but especially how it affects their concentration and performance during pilot training. It describes ...
  • Baggage policy of European airlines 

    Kožušník, Jozef (University of Zilina, 2022)
    The purpose of this article is to research the baggage policy of European airlines. Its main objective is to identify groups of European airlines based on the used baggage policy and to compare the baggage policies of ...
  • State aid schemes in aviation sector in times of the crisis caused by COVID-19 as a tool to revitalize the sector 

    Osvald, Frank John; Novák Sedláčková, Alena (University of Zilina, 2022)
    This article is focused on state aid schemes as a tool to revitalize the sector in times of crisis COVID-19. The aim of the article is a comprehensive analysis of state aid in air transport and the subsequent proposal of ...
  • The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the economic performance of the European air carriers 

    Mikulášiková, Michaela (University of Zilina, 2022)
    The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic which was officially declared in March 2020 as a whole new global risk, has negatively affected operations in all industries around the world. Air transport was one of the first sectors ...
  • China as a new competitor on the global market of civil aircraft 

    Krajčo, Tomáš (University of Zilina, 2022)
    This paper deals with the Chinese aviation industry and its current state, and the main goal of this paper is to find out whether China, in terms of its position, can compete with the current Airbus-Boeing duopoly in the ...
  • Selection of the appropriate type of hems helicopter for the Slovak Republic 

    Neština, Patrik; Škultéty, Filip (University of Zilina, 2022)
    The diploma thesis deals with the issue of choosing the appropriate type of helicopter for the implementation of the Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) for the Slovak Republic. Currently, the Helicopter Emergency ...
  • Analysis of trends and possibilities of reducing waste production on board of aircraft and inovative systems for its assessing 

    Juríková, Terézia; Rostáš, Ján (University of Zilina, 2022)
    A major trend in the 21st century is the protection of the environment from a global perspective, which is associated with reducing emissions and reducing waste production. Therefore, we try to apply the same trends in ...
  • Impact of fatigue on pilot reaction time 

    Sloboda, Peter; Škvareková, Iveta (University of Zilina, 2022)
    The main goal of the diploma thesis is to analyze the impact of fatigue on the reaction time of the pilot, its possib;ilities of elimination and ways of solving the problem, which greatly affects safety in air transport. ...
  • Design and implementation of the aerobatic fuel system of the M60 engine 

    Horák, Tomáš; Čerňan, Jozef (University of Žilina, 2022)
    The paper deals with the specific modification of the M60 two-stroke engine so that the engine can be used in aerobatic conditions. In the introduction of the paper, the basic theory concerning piston two-stroke engines, ...
  • Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on pilot training 

    Butuk, Yosef; Škvareková, Iveta (University of Žilina, 2022)
    The COVID-19 pandemic had a negative impact on all areas of human development. The air transport industry has been forced to adopt virtually all of its activities to meet rapidly changing travel regulations and requirements. ...
  • Digitalization of the maintenance process for the needs of the CAO organization 

    Mariňák, Róbert; Braciník, Tomáš (University of Zilina, 2022)
    Digitalization and automation are unstoppable processes that are linked to the present and have a significant impact on the efficiency of the work carried out in aviation or any other industry. The aim of this article is ...
  • The issue of glycaemia and heart rate variability of flight crew during emergency situations using HRV corsense elite 

    Pudíková, Alžbeta; Škvareková, Iveta (University of Zilina, 2022)
    The purpose of this article is to research the issue of glycaemia and heart rate variability (HRV) of flight crew, while these physiological processes are investigated during emergency and abnormal situations on the flight ...
  • Specification of ultralight aircraft maintenance standardisation 

    Maliňák, Ivan; Škultéty, Filip (University of Zilina, 2022)
    The exact definition of an Ultralight Aircraft is still defined very differently from country to country. Internationally, there are different Ultralight Aircraft (UL) classes with nationally varying certification regulations. ...
  • Noise load at the airport M. R. Štefánik in Bratislava 

    Štefanec, Filip; Kazda, Antonín (University of Zilina, 2022)
    The aim of the article is to describe the current state of noise pollution at the airport M.R. Štefánik and analyze the change in noise pollution when changing the occupancy level of the airport M.R. Štefánik in Bratislava. ...

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