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    • Competitiveness of Enterprises in Polish SME Sector 

      Wolak-Tuzimek, Anna; Noworol-Luft, Elżbieta; Luft, Radosław (University of Zilina, 2014)
      Growth factors of competitiveness are presented empirically. Conditions of competitiveness are determined by internal factors, dependent on enterprises themselves, and by a wide range of internal factors, dependent on the ...
    • Defining Standardized Quality Level in Suburban Bus Transport 

      Konečný, Vladimír; Kostolná, Mária (University of Zilina, 2014)
      The article deals with the possibilities of standardizing the quality level of suburban bus transport services. The procedures respect the legislative requirements which are valid in the Slovak Republic. The proposed ...
    • Effect of Injection Advance Angle on Auto-Ignition Delay and Response of Ad3.152 Ur Engine 

      Ambrozik, Andrzej; Ambrozik, Tomasz; Kurczyński, Dariusz; Łagowski, Piotr (University of Zilina, 2014)
      The paper presents the results of experimental investigations into the effect of injection advance angle in the AD3.152UR engine on auto-ignition delay time and engine response coefficient value. In the tests, the engine ...
    • Non Directional Beacons Checking 

      Pitor, Ján; Škultéty, Filip; Götz, Karol (University of Zilina, 2014)
      This paper aims to familiarize experts from other fields with issues of flight check of Non Directional Beacon (NDB) and its assessment. The AT-940 Automatic Flight Inspection System and the aircraft PIPER SENECA are ...
    • Transport and Communications - celé číslo 2/2014 

      Unknown author (University of Zilina, 2014)