Recent Submissions

  • Transport and Communications - celé číslo 2/2016 

    Unknown author (University of Zilina, 2016)
  • Channel Coding in Optical Communication Systems 

    Durcek, Viktor; Kuba, Michal; Dado, Milan (University of Zilina, 2016)
    In this paper, an overview of various types of error-correcting codes is present. Three generations of forward error correction methods used in optical communication systems are listed and described. Forward error ...
  • Trends and Concepts of Development of The Logistic System of Kazakhstan 

    Muratovna Musabekova, Aisha; Droździel, Paweł; Madleňáková, Lucia (University of Zilina, 2016)
    The world integration tendency goes on the way of creation of the integrated macrologistic systems, including transport and logistic systems of the country, logistic centers, terminal complexes and other links of the ...
  • Market Access in Freight Forwarding and Responsibility of Freight Forwarder 

    Poliak, Miloš; Šimurková, Patrícia; Mrníková, Michaela; Komačková, Lenka (University of Zilina, 2016)
    The paper deals with the issue of different market access for the transport procurement in the EU in context of open market of providing forwarding services. The paper highlights different requirements of market access ...
  • Benefits of Autonomously Driven Vehicles 

    Rievaj, Vladimír; Mokričková, Lenka; Synák, František (University of Zilina, 2016)
    The vehicles with high grades have the embedded systems which are essential for the operation of a vehicle with higher standard of safety. This way road transport can significantly closer to the safety of rail and air ...
  • Municipal Transport - Infrastructure 

    Rybicka, Iwona; Droździel, Paweł; Caban, Jacek; Madleňák, Radovan (University of Zilina, 2016)
    One of the most important problems that we face in Poland, is a low degree of safety connected with municipal transport infrastructure. It stands out from numerous factors and conditions. That is why numerous actions ...