Recent Submissions

  • Transport and Communications - celé číslo 1/2018 

    Unknown author (University of Zilina, 2018)
  • Analysis of the bus preference and bus stops in Košice 

    Medviď, Peter; Hammer, Juraj; Poliak, Miloš (University of Zilina, 2018)
    Systematic growth of amount of cars and vehicle ownership incites to a growth of traffic flow in locality areas and cities, especially at the traffic peak. A slowing down of traffic, increase of density on traffic areas ...
  • The Selected Aspects of a S2B Internal Partnership 

    Možuchová, Lucia; Pechota, Matej (University of Zilina, 2018)
    In the knowledge-driven economy there is a growing need for deeper and more productive interaction between universities and industry. Science-to-business (S2B) marketing is characterized by that two different spheres meet ...
  • Processing of traffic sign passport on the road no. II/519 from the Prievidza city to end of the village Pribovce 

    Palúch, Jan; Čulík, Kristián; Korfant, Matúš; Kalašová, Alica (University of Zilina, 2018)
    This paper deals with an analysis of the current situation, a proposal for a new traffic sign passport and economical evaluation of our solutions. Output of our work is new traffic sign passport, which was offered to a, ...
  • Stratification of postal areas 

    Pechota, Matej; Možuchová, Lucia (University of Zilina, 2018)
    The postal network consists of sending points, delivery points or shipment between these points. Its separation within the selected country is important. The stratification of postal areas has an impact for example on the ...
  • Transport costs and their impact on the expansion of cities and agglomerations 

    Poliak, Miloš; Hammer, Juraj; Medviď, Peter; Čulík, Kristián (University of Zilina, 2018)
    Costs as a component that represents the decision-making factor for each individual or company, we are meet every day. This article focuses on transport costs that have an impact on urban sprawl, reverting to the source ...
  • Driver Training 

    Rievaj, Vladimír; Gaňa, Ján; Figlus, Tomasz (University of Zilina, 2018)
    Road transport has become a very important part of supply chain management. The large number of vehicles in op-eration requests large number of qualified person to operate them. The lack of young person interested in this ...
  • City Logistics and Air Quality 

    Slávik, Radovan; Beňová, Dominika; Gnap, Jozef; Stopka, Ondrej (University of Zilina, 2018)
    The paper focuses on the impact of city logistics on air quality. The first chapter focuses on the EU's transport policy for 2030-2050 to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The second chapter focuses on air quality in the ...
  • The Impact of Using Trailers on the Fuel Consumption 

    Synák, František; Rievaj, Vladimír; Semanová, Štefánia; Palúch, Ján (University of Zilina, 2018)
    The amount of fuel consumed may also be influenced by driving style, speed as well as by the need for the use of passenger car trailers. This paper deals with the impact of using such trailers on the amount of fuel consumed. ...