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    • Danger of icing when operating unmanned aerial vehicles 

      Ondrejková, Ivana; Kandera, Branislav (University of Žilina, 2022)
      The paper examines icing on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) during the flight. We chose the Mavic Pro and Mavic 2 Pro UAV by company DJI to carry out the research. Research flights are performed during the early morning ...
    • Influence of stress on the performance of pilots in training 

      Goldschmidt, Jakub; Kandera, Branislav (University of Žilina, 2022)
      This paper deals with the influence of stress that affects pilots in training, how stress affects their daily lives, but especially how it affects their concentration and performance during pilot training. It describes ...
    • Specific risks of helicopter aerial works and their elimination 

      Hajduková, Gréta Mária; Kandera, Branislav (University of Zilina, 2022)
      Safety is the highest priority in all aspects of air transportation. This paper is focused on different hazards and risks that might be encountered by helicopters during different types of aerial works and offers ways to ...