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Žilinská univerzita v Žiline [689]
  • Technológ - celé číslo 1/2023 

    Unknown author (University of Žilina, 2023)
  • Dodatočné spracovanie spekaných materiálov 

    Kantoríková, Elena (University of Žilina, 2023)
    Powder metallurgy is a method of producing materials and products with required properties and required exact shapes. The development of new materials contributes to this. The general advantage of powder metallurgy is ...
  • Návrh programu pre automatické vyhodnotenie obrazu výtlačku zosnímaného CCD kamerou 

    Pijáková, Katarína; Štalmach, Ondrej; Sága, Milan; Vaško, Milan (University of Žilina, 2023)
    The aim is to create a program for the automatic evaluation of hardness from a series of images taken by a CCD camera. We will present the different functions of the proposed program. In the first step, we created an ...
  • Prehľad doterajšieho výskumu výroby harmonického prevodu 

    Kepeň Harachová, Daniela; Maláková, Silvia; Sivák, Samuel (University of Žilina, 2023)
    Harmonic Drive, also called Harmonic Drive gear, harmonic gear, or strain wave gearing, mechanical speed-changing device, invented in the 1950s, that reduces the gear ratio of a rotary machine to increase torque. It ...
  • Tvárnenie v hydraulickom prostredí explóziou 

    Moravec, Ján (University of Žilina, 2023)
    The article describes and analyses the issue of explosive sheet metal forming in a hydro environment. In the introductory part, the necessary theoretical and technological knowledge is presented, which is necessary as ...

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