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    • Cost Analysis of Queuing System of Postal Office 

      Ďutková, Silvia; Hoštáková, Dominika; Turská, Stanislava; Kurotová, Jana; Droźdiel, Paweł (University of Zilina, 2019)
      The paper displays cost analysis of queuing system of particular post office. The selected Post Office is Zilina 1 Post Office in Slovakia. Post office Zilina 1 provides service to almost 4 000 companies and 13 559 ...
    • Determination of probability distribution of customer input at post office 

      Ďutková, Silvia; Hoštáková, Dominika; Mišík, Tomáš; Rybicka, Iwona (University of Zilina, 2017)
      If we want to analyze a real system with a large number of input data, it is very convenient to determine a probability distribution that best fits to given input data. There are many statistical methods to determine the ...
    • Identification of the criteria determining the attractiveness of post offices in city Zilina 

      Hoštáková, Dominika; Madleňák, Radovan; Ďutková, Silvia; Fúrová, Lucia; Droździel, Paweł (University of Zilina, 2018)
      Customer´s preferences in the choice of a particular device is in many cases due to the attractiveness of this device. This means that customers are willing to travel longer distances to larger business centres with higher ...