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    • The Effectivness of Suporting Public Passenger Transport from Public Funds 

      Poliak, Miloš; Semanová, Štefánia; Varjan, Peter (University of Zilina, 2016)
      The paper deals with the issue of efficiency of financial support for public passenger transport from public funds from the perspective of improving road safety. The aim is to verify the hypothesis that financing public ...
    • The Risk Analysis in Public Passenger Transport 

      Poliak, Miloš; Semanová, Štefánia; Kilianová, Katarína (University of Zilina, 2013)
      The paper deals with the risks related to providing public passenger transport. The risks are divided into two groups: cost and revenue risks. The paper describes possibilities of risk allocation among contracting parties ...
    • Value of Time Savings as a Factor in Deciding on Route Choice 

      Poliak, Miloš; Semanová, Štefánia; Komačková, Lenka; Mrníková, Michaela (University of Zilina, 2015)
      The paper deals with the definition of time savings as a factor in deciding on route choice of a carrier whether to use toll road network. The first part of the paper describes a history of road infrastructure charging ...