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    • Development of courier services in Poland 

      Porębska, Ewelina; Caban, Jacek; Sopoćko, Mateusz (University of Zilina, 2015)
      The article presents the genesis of courier services in Poland, since the first such businesses in 1982. Courier companies in Poland are relatively short on the market, holding the prominent place in the economy of the ...
    • Municipal Transport - Infrastructure 

      Rybicka, Iwona; Droździel, Paweł; Caban, Jacek; Madleňák, Radovan (University of Zilina, 2016)
      One of the most important problems that we face in Poland, is a low degree of safety connected with municipal transport infrastructure. It stands out from numerous factors and conditions. That is why numerous actions ...
    • The role of human element in aviation safety 

      Reut, Justyna; Caban, Jacek; Widzicka, Bożena (University of Zilina, 2016)
      Each industry is characterized that without human factor will not be able to function. This also applies to aviation, which focuses mainly on human labour. This sense of security what provides staff workers, on what the ...