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dc.contributor.authorVojtek, Martin
dc.contributor.authorAbramovic, Borna
dc.contributor.authorKendra, Martin
dc.contributor.authorZitrický, Vladislav
dc.description.abstractCurrent economical trends create new requirements to population mobility. People always travel for many reasons and they are very dependent on the system of passenger transport. There are several modes of transport, but passengers mostly use road and rail transport. Passenger transport system is influenced by many qualitative factors with various impacts. Long-distance passenger trains have got significant position on the transport market, what represents demand and offer in the passenger transport system. These trains connects far places therefore transport accessibility in the region or country is better and passenger railway transport is more attractive for traveling public. This article is focused on main purpose of these trains from operational and economical point of view.en_US
dc.publisherUniversity of Zilinaen_US
dc.subjectrailway transporten_US
dc.subjectpassenger transportationen_US
dc.subjectlong-distance trainsen_US
dc.titleThe purpose of long-distance passenger trains in public passenger transport systemen_US

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