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dc.contributor.authorMožuchová, Lucia
dc.contributor.authorGašperová, Lucia
dc.contributor.authorRostášová, Mária
dc.contributor.authorJelonek, Dorota
dc.description.abstractThe university is an important part of the region's infrastructure and has the potential to initiate changes and transform the economy into a diverse range. The presence of a university in a host city or region has a strong impact on regional development. Universities are usually among the largest employers in the city. Their employees, students and visitors spend some of their finances in this city, which have an impact on local and regional economic development. The total size of the impact of university varies depending on the size of the university and the characteristics of the local and regional economy. The primary aim of the contribution is identification of the selected short-term impacts of the University of Žilina to the city and region, where it has its registered office. To achieve the stated goal, primary research was carried out primarily focused on the economic impact of university staff on the development of the Žilina´s region.en_US
dc.publisherUniversity of Zilinaen_US
dc.subjectregional developmenten_US
dc.subjectbackward impacten_US
dc.subjectresidence employeesen_US
dc.subjectnon-residence employeesen_US
dc.titleThe impact of University of Žilina´s employees on regional developmenten_US

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