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dc.contributor.authorKundráthová, Natália
dc.contributor.authorLysina, Karol
dc.description.abstractThe article is focused on modern threats in the department of security. The urge to address this issue is due to growing occurrence of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) all around the world. The operation of these vehicles is also closely linked to incidents that threaten security, but the most serious are increasing numbers of incidents connected to operation of UAV. For correct processing, it is very important to define the basic concepts and facts related to the topic of UAV. Safety and security in general, are inseparable parts of air transport. Taking into account the constant development of aviation technology, especially in the department of UAV, it is necessary to know the emerging threats and pitfalls associated with the operation of UAV. The following chapters define in more detail the causes of incidents. Later on, we get to know various methods of detection and protection connected to operation of UAV using the comparative method. Key part of our paper is being formed by the analysis of current regulatory framework at European and national level. The result is a proposal for new legislation that could and also should be implemented in national regulations. All things considered, such legislation must meet all attributes necessary for the safe operation of UAV and protection against their illegal use.en_US
dc.publisherUniversity of Zilinaen_US
dc.titleNew threats in securityen_US
dc.typeConference paperen_US

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