Recent Submissions

  • Transport and Communications - celé číslo 1/2016 

    Unknown author (University of Zilina, 2016)
  • The Importance of Knowledge Transfer to Industry 

    Madudová, Emília (University of Zilina, 2016)
    The paper examines the specific knowledge universities transfer to industry, reflecting to creative industry needs. As results shows, the most asked alumni competences should be tacit knowledge and divergent thinking. ...
  • Aeronautical Telecommunication Network 

    Novák, Andrej; Žáčik, Nikolas (University of Zilina, 2016)
    This paper summarizes the results of a study of modern telecommunication technology in the Aeronautical Telecommunication Network. The article deals with the integration of modern telecommunication technology into the ...
  • The Effectivness of Suporting Public Passenger Transport from Public Funds 

    Poliak, Miloš; Semanová, Štefánia; Varjan, Peter (University of Zilina, 2016)
    The paper deals with the issue of efficiency of financial support for public passenger transport from public funds from the perspective of improving road safety. The aim is to verify the hypothesis that financing public ...
  • The role of human element in aviation safety 

    Reut, Justyna; Caban, Jacek; Widzicka, Bożena (University of Zilina, 2016)
    Each industry is characterized that without human factor will not be able to function. This also applies to aviation, which focuses mainly on human labour. This sense of security what provides staff workers, on what the ...
  • 160 km/h on the Highway 

    Rievaj, Vladimír; Mokričková, Lenka (University of Zilina, 2016)
    The speed limit on the highways of Slovak Republic is 130 km/h. It is recently considered the increase of this speed on some sections to the 1600 km/h. However this increase brings with it a substantial negative impacts. ...
  • Value Chains as the Tools for Differentiation of Offer in Services 

    Rovňanová, Alexandra; Rostášová, Mária; Valica, Marek (University of Zilina, 2016)
    Customers are generally characterized by having different requirements in selection from the product offer. They are interested in the so-called differentiated offers on the market because the differentiation of services ...