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    • Financial Health Assessment of International Airports 

      Mazanec, Jaroslav; Bartosova, Viera; Bezpartochnyi, Maksym (University of Zilina, 2018)
      The financial health of company is extremely important for potential investment decisions. Financial health is mainly assessed by financial analysis which identify strengths and weakness. The aim of paper is to evaluate ...
    • Identification of the criteria determining the attractiveness of post offices in city Zilina 

      Hoštáková, Dominika; Madleňák, Radovan; Ďutková, Silvia; Fúrová, Lucia; Droździel, Paweł (University of Zilina, 2018)
      Customer´s preferences in the choice of a particular device is in many cases due to the attractiveness of this device. This means that customers are willing to travel longer distances to larger business centres with higher ...
    • Ecological Impact of Changes in Transport Organisation in Martin with Using Transport-Planning Software 

      Palúch, Ján; Čulík, Kristián; Synák, František; Hammer, Juraj; Mikulski, Jerzy (University of Zilina, 2018)
      Using motor vehicles, which uses fossil fuels, is connected with emissions. The main goal of cities, towns and also of the state is to keep these emissions as low as possible. Vehicles move on a traffic network where they ...
    • Value of Company and Choice of Valuation Method for Forwarding Company 

      Adámiková, Eva; Chinoracký, Roman; Čorejová, Tatiana; Dydkowski, Grzegorz (2018)
      The value of company is a very broad concept. Its determination depends on many factors and valuer must take into account both internal and external factors which are affecting the company. In some cases, it is very ...
    • Delivery Models in Last Mile Logistics 

      Turská, Stanislava; Chinoracký, Roman; Kurotová, Jana; Jaculjaková, Simona; Rybick, Iwona (University of Zilina, 2018)
      In logistics the key problem of last mile is how to deliver goods from distribution hub to end users in cities and built-up areas. The paper deals with an issue of last mile delivery. The main objective of the paper is ...
    • Research on Relationship Between Road Freight Transport and Infrastructure in European Countries 

      Varjan, Pavol; Gnap, Jozef; Ďurana, Pavol; Kostrzewski, Mariusz (University of Zilina, 2018)
      The article deals with research of relationship between the performance of road and freight transport and transport infrastructure (motorways) in EU countries. The main goal is to find out how transport infrastructure has ...
    • Transport and Communications - celé číslo 2/2018 

      Unknown author (University of Zilina, 2018)