Recent Submissions

  • Transport and Communications - celé číslo 1/2013 

    Unknown author (University of Zilina, 2013)
  • Optimization of Fuel Costs Using the Information System 

    Halaj, Dušan (University of Zilina, 2013)
    The paper deals with optimizing fuel consumption through the use of information system in road freight transport. The aim is to calculate and compare the costs for an operation with the information system as well as without it.
  • The measurement of contact surface of dunnage bag used for cargo securing in different gaps between cargo 

    Jagelčák, Juraj; Vrábel, Ján; Pauliak, Matej (University of Zilina, 2013)
    This article provides comparison between the measured values of dunnage bag restraining forces and calculated values of restraining forces according to the draft version of Guidelines for Packing of Cargo Transport Units ...
  • The analysis of safety on Polish roads between 2000 - 2010 

    Jaśkiewicz, Marek; Jurecki, Rafał S. (University of Zilina, 2013)
    This article provides an assessment of the security situation on Polish roads. Statistical data on road accidents that occurred in different provinces in late 2000 - 2010 were analysed and the attention was drawn to the ...
  • The Genesis and Metamorphoses of Risk 

    Klieštik, Tomáš; Birtus, Miloš (University of Zilina, 2013)
    Each business activity and also an individual person face risk every day. But what is risk? People have different attitudes to risk. Natural survival instincts make some people use all possible means to avoid injury or ...
  • The Risk Analysis in Public Passenger Transport 

    Poliak, Miloš; Semanová, Štefánia; Kilianová, Katarína (University of Zilina, 2013)
    The paper deals with the risks related to providing public passenger transport. The risks are divided into two groups: cost and revenue risks. The paper describes possibilities of risk allocation among contracting parties ...
  • Possible repair methods of concrete retaining wall 

    Saliba, Nicolass; Bartuška, Ladislav (University of Zilina, 2013)
    This document gives instruction and information about remediation of transport retaining walls. Concrete and reinforced concrete retaining walls in terms of proposal and workmanship in comparison with many other structures ...
  • Measurement of the braking distance in dependence on the momentary vehicle weight 

    Šarkan, Branislav; Holeša, Lukáš; Ivánek, Peter (University of Zilina, 2013)
    The braking distance is one of the most important features of the braking system of a vehicle during its operation. The distance depends on many factors related to technical part of the vehicle, road surface or the ...
  • The Application of Automatic Identification Technologies by the Czech Post 

    Zeman, Daniel; Juránková, Petra; Švadlenka, Libor (University of Zilina, 2013)
    This article deals with the question of practical use of automatic identification technologies in postal sector, with special focus on using barcode technologies and radio frequency identification in Czech Post. After ...