Recent Submissions

  • Transport and Communications - celé číslo 2/2013 

    Unknown author (University of Zilina, 2013)
  • Efficient Transport System in Urban Environment 

    Gogola, Marian (University of Zilina, 2013)
    Many cities are currently facing to problems with the functioning of their transport infrastructure resulting mainly from congestions and the increasing trend of individual car usage. The call for solving and proposing ...
  • SWOT analysis of the Slovak inland waterway transport 

    Hricová, Romana (University of Zilina, 2013)
    The paper deals with SWOT analysis of Slovak rivers. Although Slovak Republic is situated in the Central Europe, waterways are relatively short and not branched. Inland waterway includes commercial, sporting and tourist ...
  • Increasing the Safety of Railway Crossings 

    Nedeliaková, Eva; Nedeliak, Ivan; Búda, Martin (University of Zilina, 2013)
    This article is focused on improving safety at railway crossings and points of active and passive safety features. Following these general safety rules we can reduce or eliminate the risks that increasingly affect the ...
  • Evaluation of Effectiveness of Regional Airports in Central Europe by Data Envelope Analysis 

    Stryčeková, Ivana; Tomová, Anna (University of Zilina, 2013)
    In the paper we evaluate economic efficiency of 20 regional airports in Central Europe (Bratislava capital airport including) within 2004 – 2010 using input oriented data envelope analysis (DEA) with constant return on ...