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  • Transport and Communications - celé číslo 2/2015 

    Neznámy autor (University of Zilina, 2015)
  • European Transport Corridors and North Adriatic Ports 

    Bínová, Helena; Jurkovič, Martin (University of Zilina, 2015)
    From the ports in the northern Adriatic Sea (ports of Ravenna, Venezia, Trieste, Koper, Rijeka) a route from European ports of North Sea to the Far East is shorter by about 2000 nautical miles. It means a reduction of 6 ...
  • Laser scanning optimisation process in mountainous terrain 

    Mrázová, Mária (University of Zilina, 2015)
    Digital terrain model is applicable for many possibilities related to aerial works by use of photogrammetry or laser scanning of the earth’s surface. For the purpose of this research we consider just laser scanning used ...
  • Value of Time Savings as a Factor in Deciding on Route Choice 

    Poliak, Miloš; Semanová, Štefánia; Komačková, Lenka; Mrníková, Michaela (University of Zilina, 2015)
    The paper deals with the definition of time savings as a factor in deciding on route choice of a carrier whether to use toll road network. The first part of the paper describes a history of road infrastructure charging ...
  • Airlines in Poland 

    Rut, Patrycja; Łusiak, Tomasz; Novák, Andrej; Žáčik, Nikolas (University of Zilina, 2015)
    In this article is described the concept of the airline. This article describes the different types of airline concepts which can occur in the airline market. The main topic of this research is description of all Polish ...