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    • Modelling of traffic on a selected roundabout in Žilina 

      Harantová, Veronika; Kalašová, Alica; Čulík, Kristián; Otahálová, Zuzana (University of Zilina, 2019)
      A high-quality network is currently a prerequisite for sustainable transport systems. The sharp increase in automobile traffic has resulted in increased transport problems. The most serious transport problems include ...
    • Public Transport on Martinique - Current State and Recent Developments 

      Reise, Sönke (University of Zilina, 2019)
      Despite being part of the European Union, the French West Indies are not often in the focus of research. This paper aims to introduce Martinique and its public transport systems. Starting with an overview over Martinique, ...
    • Selected Issues of the TCO Model for the Conversion of the Conventional Bus Fleet to Electric One 

      Krawiec, Krzysztof; Karoń, Grzegorz; Kłos, Marcin Jacek; Wierzbicki, Łukasz (University of Zilina, 2019)
      National and European transport policy is now moving towards zero-emission transport. One way to achieve public transport policy objectives is to replace conventional buses with electric ones. However, due to the technical ...
    • Software for Identifying Secondary Packaging of Medicines 

      Mojský, Viliam; Adámiková, Eva; Dobroselskyi, Mykhailo; Jaculjaková, Simona; Staša, Pavel (University of Zilina, 2019)
      The article deals with the creation of software for automatic identification of secondary packaging of medicines. In the first part of the analysis we focused on the possibilities of creating software considering available ...
    • Toward Management Of Traffic Culture In Macedonia 

      Bunevska Talevska, Jasmina (University of Zilina, 2019)
      The World Health Organization in its agenda on sustainable development 2030 sets a goal to reduce the number of traffic-related accidents by 50% [1]. According to the trend of reducing the number of traffic-related accidents ...
    • Towards Interoperability of the Electronic Road Toll Systems in the European Union. Case of Poland 

      Załoga, Elżbieta; Kowalska, Sylwia (University of Zilina, 2019)
      The road toll is a significant tool of transport politics due to its economic and social characteristics. Both of those fields search for integrity in activities for a balanced transport. While the road toll is an attempt ...
    • Transport and Communications - celé číslo 1/2019 

      Unknown author (University of Zilina, 2019)