The Scientific journal AEROjournal is published by The Air Transport Department at the University of Zilina. It offers aviation professionals and academics an opportunity for publication of their research outcomes covering wide range of current issues in air transportation. The Air Transport Department at the University of Zilina (ATD) is a centre for education, research, and training in civil aviation. ATD provides accredited study programmes in a three - tier course structure of university education - bachelor, Ing (equivalent to MSc.) and PhD degrees. We also provide complex aircraft pilot training up to the CPL/IR/MEP (A) level (Commercial Pilot with twin-engine aeroplane qualification and qualification for flying in accordance with Instrument Flight Rules) and a theory up to the frozen ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot) level including Multi Crew Cooperation course. ATD is also the base of the National Civil Aviation Security Training Centre of the Slovak Republic. The Centre runs basic aviation security courses in line with the EU regulations for all categories of personnel in aviation. The papers in this journal cover all the aspects of aviation (including airlines, airports, air traffic management, aerospace and maintenance).

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  • AEROjournal - celé číslo 1/2021  

    Unknown author (University of Žilina, 2021)
  • Rovnosť pohlaví v sektore civilného letectva a postavenie žien-obchodných pilotiek 

    Remencová, Tatiana; Škvareková, Iveta; Novák Sedláčková, Alena (University of Žilina, 2021)
    This article deals with the issue of the position of women in civil aviation sector regarding gender equality in the position of commercial pilot. The article is focused on the position of women and men in aviation sector ...
  • Letecká doprava v době koronavirové pandemie a její další perspektivy 

    Kuna, Zbyněk (University of Žilina, 2021)
    The paper focuses on world air transport. Its development and new tendencies are recalled. The main attention is paid to consequences of the SARS CoV-2 pandemic on world air transport and international tourism, including ...
  • Prototyp simulátora letového environmentálneho laboratória Evirolab 

    Janovec, Michal; Materna, Matúš; Pecho, Pavol; Kandera, Branislav; Radosa, Filip (University of Žilina, 2021)
    The aim of this paper is to create a solid structural platform for the placement of computer equipment and other computer accessories to create a flight simulator from scratch. The simulator will be designed to help pilots ...
  • Rozbor bezpečnosti letov UAV a konspekt aktuálnych legislatívnych požiadaviek 

    Škultéty, Filip; Kandera, Branislav; Janovec, Michal (University of Žilina, 2021)
    Despite the recent legislation, which has been formed in the last five years to its current form, the safety for the UAV operation is borne by the pilot, as he/she is the one who is responsible for the direction of UAV ...
  • Previerka osoby od roku 2022 

    Lysina, Karol; Kandera, Branislav (University of Žilina, 2021)
    Civil aviation is constantly evolving, undergoing various changes. A background check of a person as a part of aviation security processes is no exception. This paper which deals with the issue of background check of a ...
  • AEROjournal - celé číslo 2/2020 

    Unknown author (University of Zilina, 2020)
  • Design procedure and honeycomb screen implementation to the air transtport department’s subsonic wind tunnel 

    Hrúz, Michal; Pecho, Pavol; Bugaj, Martin (University of Zilina, 2020)
    Wind tunnels are the most widely used tools when comes to validation of Reynold number. Most of wind tunnels use various air straighteners or flow conditioners to achieve as most unified air flow as it’s possible. This ...
  • Study of reinforcement design h-profile of aircraft wing spar 

    Pecho, Pavol; Magdolenová, Paulína; Hrúz, Michal; Kováčik, Pavel; Škvareková, Iveta (University of Zilina, 2020)
    In today's world, with ever-increasing safety requirements, there is a growing demand to maintain or reduce production costs. In aviation, in addition to factors like weight and related variables such as resistance to ...
  • Experimental state of thrust testing of aircraft reciprocating internal combustion engine 

    Mrva, Matúš; Pecho, Pavol; Hrúz, Michal; Škvareková, Iveta; Bugaj, Martin (University of Zilina, 2020)
    The project “Experimental State of Thrust Testing of Aircraft Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engine” is aimed at creating a complex measuring device in order to obtain selected characteristics and parameters of the ...
  • Space flights a new option for intercontinetal travel – solution desing 

    Mrňa, Dominik (University of Zilina, 2020)
    This paper describes problem of space flight intercontinental flight with passengers or cargo via suborbital orbits. It describes the necessary monitoring network as well as the operating procedures with connection of ...
  • New regulations for UAS flights 

    Kandera, Branislav; Škultéty, Filip; Badánik, Benedikt (University of Zilina, 2020)
    The paper deals with the legislation in the field of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) in the Slovak Republic. The main goal of the paper is to analyse the current legislative framework, which sets the basic rules and ...
  • AEROjournal - celé číslo 1/2020 

    Unknown author (Žilinská univerzita v Žiline, 2020)

    Šulc, Jaroslav; Jún, František (Žilinská univerzita v Žiline, 2020)
    The paper deals with the Automatic Dependent Surveillance systems which are a part of aeronautical surveillance services. Paper is specifically focused on the currently implemented system ADS-B (Automatic Dependent ...

    Novák, Andrej; Novák Sedláčková, Alena; Stelmach, Anna (Žilinská univerzita v Žiline, 2020)
    The paper is focused on the GNSS signal interference during the airport approach procedures at small Slovak regional airport Poprad-Tatry. The paper analyzes the simulation of the situation during the identification and ...

    Škvareková, Iveta; Brezoňáková, Andrea; Kandera, Branislav (Žilinská univerzita v Žiline, 2020)
    The Flight deck of a modern transport category aircraft is a highly refined, ergonomically; rigorously organised workplace. In such a small area, an extraordinary amount of information is required for the pilot to work, ...

    Cesnek, Tomáš; Decký, Martin; Pitoňák, Martin (Žilinská univerzita v Žiline, 2020)
    The authors present the outputs of a 3D model with real textures of Hričov Castle from 2019 and its improvements from 2020. In creating the model, SvF UNIZA' devices obtained within the project Broker center of air transport ...

    Decký, Martin; Ďuriš, Lukáš; Kováč, Matúš (Žilinská univerzita v Žiline, 2020)
    The paper presents the outputs of the staff of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and the Research Center UNIZA in the field of laser scanning of pavements for the purposes of pavement management (PM). Credibility objectification ...

    Tomová jr., Anna; Novák Sedláčková, Alena (Žilinská univerzita v Žiline, 2020)
    Regional air carriers are a specific segment of commercial civil aviation. They mainly operated on shorter distance markets and markets with lower demand. They are characterized by different models of cooperation with ...

    Szabo jr., Stanislav; Vajdová, Iveta; Jenčová, Edina; Makó, Sebastian; Čičo, Martin; Horvat, Agnes (2020)
    The Asia region is one of the most promising regions in the field of air transport. The sharp increase in the number of passengers carried in recent years indicates a further expansion of the area. Papers deals with the ...

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