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dc.contributor.authorBuganová, Katarína
dc.contributor.authorHudáková, Mária
dc.contributor.authorLusková, Mária
dc.description.abstractThe environment of a sports organization is currently considered unstable, uncertain, and turbulent, with constantly changing conditions. There is a need to implement risk management in sports organizations, taking into account their specifics as well as the requirements for the nature of the activity that the risk manager should provide. The aim of the paper is to evaluate the current state of sports organizations during the COVID-19 pandemic in Slovakia, to propose the inclusion of a risk manager in the management of sports organizations and to describe the basic steps of applying the risk management process in sports organizations. In accordance with the set goal, the research methodology was selected. Observational methods, conclusions from empirical research, studies as well as scientific methods focused on the analysis and synthesis of the proposed solutions were used to obtain data.en_US
dc.publisherŽilinská univerzita v Žilineen_US
dc.subjectRisk managementen_US
dc.subjectRisk manageren_US
dc.titleManažment rizík v športových organizáciáchen_US
dc.title.alternativeRisk management in sports organizationsen_US

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