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dc.contributor.authorFábryová, Natália
dc.contributor.authorNovák Sedláčková, Alena
dc.description.abstractThe paper deals with international regulations of airspace of the Slovak republic and its protection. The paper is focused on the sovereignty airspace and free route airspace. The state has complete and absolute sovereignty over the airspace located above its territory. Airspace protection is important for ensuring territorial inviolability of the Slovak republic. There are defined the categories and classes of airspace. The last chapter consist of a NATO Integrated Air and Missile Defence System, its history and especially its function. In this chapter is defined the idea of „air policing “, which means the protection of airspace itself that is performed during the peace. In this part is described the position of emergency fighter pilots at Airport Sliac and model situations, but also the real situations, when Slovak emergency fighter pilots had to interfere against the aircraft that lost connection with air traffic management.en_US
dc.publisherUniversity of Zilinaen_US
dc.subjectairspace protectionen_US
dc.subjectAir Force’s tasksen_US
dc.subjectrenegade of airspaceen_US
dc.subjectAirspace protection systemen_US
dc.titleThe airspace of SR and its protectionen_US
dc.typeConference paperen_US

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