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    • Aspects of airline crew rostering 

      Le Duc, Manh; Badánik, Benedikt (University of Zilina, 2021)
      Airline crew rostering is a complicated planning-type problem, and its objective is to assemble pairings into schedules that maximise the satisfaction levels of crews. The rostering process focuses on achieving a more ...
    • Optimisation of turboprop aircraft operations as a means to reduce their environmental footprint 

      Števárová, Lucia; Badánik, Benedikt (University of Zilina, 2021)
      This paper deals with the subject of optimisation of turboprop aircraft operations to decrease their environmental footprint. This aircraft category is not at the forefront of optimisation efforts of operators as it supplies ...
    • Quality of service at airports 

      Proft, Branislav; Badánik, Benedikt (University of Zilina, 2021)
      At present, air transport is on the rise and with it are the airlines, airports and services they provide. Their quality is reflected in revenues as well as in the number of airlines using the airport. The aim of this paper ...